MEXT:Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Photon Frontier Network, Japan


Greetings from Program Director

Yoshiaki Kato, PD “Illuminate the future of photonics!”

Yoshiaki Kato, PD

The most compelling characteristic of light is its diversity. By altering one of its many parameters – be it frequency, phase, polarization or amplitude – we can bring about a multitude of changes, from how we send and receive information, to the way light interacts with materials. In recent years, the science and technology that is responsible for the generation, measurement and utilization of light has undergone positive qualitative changes, becoming one of our key technologies, crucial to future innovation and enhanced industrial competitiveness.

The Photon Frontier Network has been established to advance photon science and technology and to foster new talent in this field. This is a landmark program that will robustly strengthen Japan’s science and technology infrastructure. It is supported by two core network centers, one in the east and one in the west of Japan, which are developing ambitious programs of research activity. I will be working with the Project Officers to support both centers, in order that the Photon Frontier Network succeeds in making a positive difference to Japan and the world.

April 2009